We strongly believe in specialisation of each activity and that's why our brand nibano is offering large variations in colours, sizes & designs for each activity which are mostly made inhouse but being in this activity for over 30 years we also know that many customers love our products but want the personalised meaning printed or embroidered and beside producing our textile we can also inform that all our items are personalised by Custombella which make part of the same group as our brand nibano.

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Nibano 42 standard print colours to select to print

Standard 42 Print Colours

Standard print is print a garment by transfer. Print by transfer is the best way to print smaller quantities or to add names and numbers.A sheet of co...
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Embroidery is the art of decorating fabrics or garments by needles and threads. Embroidery started as a handmade activity and today some parts of the ...
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