About Us

We are proud to say after importing & selling promotion- & workwear for more then 25 years a real dream came trough, NibanoInternational was created in 2015.

With all our experience we understood from the beginning there was already many competition in this business but we noticed that one special request became always more and more important and that's the fact that promotion- & workwear isn't no longer just selling basic items but our business was more and more send in the direction in need of huge variation in sizes and colours or bespoke wear.

Ofcourse if you want to offer a huge variation in sizes and colours or bespoke wear it isn't possible to import these items from Asia that's why we decided to create from the start our own factory in Europe and today we are very proud to say that all Nibano items are made inhouse in our own factory in Ukraine and personalised in UK or Ukraine.

With our head office & warehouse in Greenock Scotland UK and our factory and a second warehouse in Kyiv Ukraine we're able to dispatch daily huge quantity of orders worldwide. 

When we created NibanoInternational we could never imagine what a journey this would be because creating a brand is totally different then importing or selling other brands but also beside creating also producing all your items is more then we could ever dream about and we're proud to say that 9 year later our Nibano Lounge & so much more items are sold all over Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Emeriates, Dubai, Israel, Japan, Signapore, Ukraine and so much more.......

Because our factory is located near Kyiv in Ukraine we have also experienced problems due to the useless war but thanks to our own motivation and the great strenght of our workers we only had to close our production for 6 weeks in 2022.

With our new website we present you our total collection but do you want more information don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

Nibano international