Salon Capes as Fashion

Salon Capes as Fashion

Some call it a passion other call it fashion but the result is the same, Nibano hairdressing gowns or salon capes is so much more then a standard salon cape.

Nibano has been supplying already many years aprons and salon uniforms to many hair salons & beauty salons worldwide and we noticed that all salons are really passionate about their work, have stylish interiors, are using the best professional products to work with but most of them are using just a standard black hairdressing gown or salon cape.

After testing many fabrics we launched in 2020 our first model Nibano's hairdressing gowns fastening with velcro on the back in black, navy & dark grey and after we launched our first salon capes or hairdressing gown the success was immediate. 

Since that moment we have been adding more and more colours to our collection and today, end 2023 Nibano hairdressing gowns or salon capes is available in different models, 24 colours and different ways of fastening.

Beside our wide collection waterproof & bleach resistant hairdressing gowns or salon capes we also offer a wide collection of aprons, make up gowns, show hairdressing gowns, salon kimono's & beauty tunics all in the same fabric and colours to get to perfect match and fulfil the need to create the most gorgeous & professional hair salon in the world.

We're proud to say Nibano is offering the widest collection worldwide in hairdressing gowns or salon capes and let's enjoy our passion together !!!!!!!!